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Our Story

Est. 2019

In 1904, Henry Sayre was an established plumber in Newark, Ohio. Henry and his wife, Mary had three sons; Earl, who married Blanche Anderson and Fred, who married Belle Davies and Ray. Henry decided to be in the boat business, so he packed up his family and headed for the Swamp (now known as Buckeye Lake). He built a row of boat houses with apartments above, where they lived (now known as The Boatyard at Buckeye Lake). Fred and Belle later had children, William (Bud) and Blanche.

He built a long building where boats were worked on and put away for the winter. He also worked with George Watkins when the island where the Yacht Club now stands, was created, and he also designed the first Yacht Club building. Fred Sayre (Bud's father) became one of the first Chris-Craft dealers in the world in 1928.

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